Our Partnership with NILE

Macmillan Education and Norwich Institute for Language Education have joined together to develop and promote quality teacher education programmes worldwide.

NILE is a world-leading centre of excellence in the provision of teacher development courses, supporting English language teachers and trainers at every stage of their ELT careers.  Together, NILE and Macmillan Education are preparing the teachers of today for the teaching of tomorrow.

As the partnership strengthens, NILE and Macmillan Education are further collaborating with the launch of their first jointly developed programmes in 2018 which supports language teaching and learning worldwide.

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Established in 1995, NILE is internationally recognised as one of the largest and most respected providers of professional development courses for English language teachers, trainers and other educational professionals around the world.

Since 1995, NILE has trained over 40,000 teachers from over 90 countries from their campus in the historic city of Norwich, UK with a range of online, face-to-face and blended courses, while also offering qualifications up to Masters level.

NILE is the highest ranking teacher development institute in the UK based on British Council and Eaquals inspections, and scored 92% in the category of Teaching and Learning in industry magazine EL Gazette's latest analysis of the reports, the highest score by any school under any heading.


NILE-Macmillan Education Covers

 NILE and Macmillan Education have collaborated further to bring teachers a jointly developed programme of courses by combining the expertise of NILE training with the Macmillan Education commitment to quality teaching resources. 


Face-to-face courses

Taught by international experts in their fields, these face-to-face courses feature regular guest speakers and are held at the Institute in Norwich. A range of two-week courses supports teachers who are looking to advance their careers by introducing key methodology concepts and providing practical skills for the classroom. 


Face-to-face Courses  EU Erasmus+ Funding


NILE's tutor-led, interactive courses provide flexibility to balance professional development and a full-time teaching schedule.

The eight-week courses are delivered on an innovative and easy-to-use online teaching platform. Cutting-edge digital tools allow teachers to interact with their tutor and other teachers around the world in a variety of ways. Learning is put into practical use through tutor-marked individual assignments at the end of the course.

These courses add the flexibility of online learning to the elements of NILE's face-to-face courses that participants appreciate most: collaboration, relevance and engagement.


New for 2018: Power-Up Programme

The Power-Up series of short online teacher development courses makes innovative use of digital resources to “power up” a new set of teaching skills in a short space of time.

Easy to navigate and highly applicable to most teaching contexts, the Power-Up courses’ use of live webinars, tutor videos and opportunities for teachers to interact all combine to personalise learning, making it more engaging and motivating. 

Online Courses

Tailor-Made and Consultancy  

 NILE sends expert consultants and trainers around the world to provide practical guidance and support across the field of English language education.


With the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of requirements, NILE’s tailor-made courses are designed to suit education ministries, universities and other educational organisations.

NILE also designs courses, led by a team of internationally recognised consultants, to meet objectives for national teacher training, curriculum and institutional development, regularly managing and delivering large-scale programmes for major government-funded  groups of teachers.


Certified courses 

From initial teacher training to a postgraduate programme for ELT professionals, NILE offers CELTADelta and MA programmes to support teachers throughout their careers.

A four-week intensive CELTA course is available at NILE's state-of-the-art campus in Norwich. For teachers looking to more advanced qualifications, modular Delta and MA programmes offer the flexibility to study online alongside full-time teaching. 

CELTA  Delta  MA Programme


Exclusive pricing

The Macmillan Education partnership with NILE guarantees exclusive pricing* for all online and face-to-face courses at NILE, ensuring teachers receive the highest quality of training with prices that suit every budget.

25% Discount: Online courses

10% Discount + exemption from £150 registration fee: Face-to-face courses 

10% Discount: Cambridge CELTA and Delta course fees 

10% Discount: 1st module**, NILE’s MA programme 

£10 off: Power-Up programmes 

*Discount is only applicable to course fees

**1st module only, not applicable for current students

Watch our winners' presentations

Watch the winners of our Teacher's at the Heart competition presenting at NILE, where they won the opportunity to attend a NILE course for free.